My Counselling Approach

I have always been fascinated by human behaviour. Why do people do the things they do? How can people better their lives and develop healthier relationships? I entered University to learn how to help people who were struggling in life and found that I gained a passion for working in Mental Wellness and Substance Misuse. I understand the difficulties that many people face with Depression and Anxiety. When people struggle with their mental health or addiction, it can often leave them feeling broken and worthless. I firmly believe there are no broken people, and I work with clients to help them reclaim their sense of value and self-respect. Through exploring and validating their story, I help clients empower themselves to understand and change the patterns that create difficulties in their lives.

For the past several years, I have seen clients improve as they develop and use mental health tools when facing stressful life situations. Counselling is part of the service industry, and as a consumer, you have the right to be an active part of the counselling process. I use current research-based practices to help you implement the changes you need to find betterment in your life. Along the way, we will work together to achieve your goals, evaluate therapy sessions, and course-correct therapy so that you can feel better faster and live your best life. 

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